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We are committed to  empowering you by building confidence and discipline in a no nonsense environment that fosters the joy of learning. If you have a question that is not addressed here, feel free to text or call us at (347) 989-7925 or fill out our Contact Form.

  • Are you a NY State approved school?
    Yes, S&S Security Training and Services is a certified and approved school. You can find us on the NY State Division of Criminal Justice Services Security Guard Program List of Approved Schools (page 4).
  • How do I get my NY Security License?
    In order to get your license, you need to be 18 years or older, have a valid social security number and a NY State ID. If you live out of state, we can help you with getting a photo on file with the DMV. ​ You must take the NY State DCJS mandated introductory class, the 8-hour Pre-Assignment class, you must have your fingerprints processed, and finally mail your application to the state with the Pre-Assignment certificate, your fingerprint receipt and a money order for $36. The 16-hour On-The-Job training class is not required to GET the license, but it is required by the state once you have the license. Also, having both the Pre-Assignment and 16-Hour OJT certificates will help you get a job. We have a Complete Package for $400 that includes the cost of everything (Pre-Assignment + 16-Hour OJT + Fingerprints+ Application Assistance + F-01 Fire Guard Test Prep + additional services from Essential Employees) except for the $36 fee that you send to the state for processing. We also have a Basic Package for $195 that includes just the Pre-Assignment, Fingerprints and Application Assistance. You can sign up for classes or packages here:
  • Do you offer free training classes?
    We do not offer free security training classes. However we do try to keep the costs down so they are affordable. You can find the list of classes and packages by clicking on
  • Can I get a security license if I have a record?
    If you have a misdemeanor or felony, and have completed your probation, you may still be able to receive a license if you submit the proper paperwork to the state. You will need a final disposition and an Article 23 - Relief of Disabilities. This applies to everyone with a record regardless of whether it was as a minor or if it was closed 20 years ago. ​ The state has the authority to open sealed records.
  • Do you have in-person classes.
    Currently, all classes are being held online over Zoom. You do not need to download Zoom to take the class.
  • Do you have classes on Saturday or Sunday?
    Currently, we only offer classes on Monday - Friday. All classes start at 9 am.
  • Do you have evening classes?
    Currently, we do not have any evening or weekend classes. All classes are being held Mon-Fri and start at 9 am.
  • Can I start working after taking the classes?
    You DO need a license in order to work as a security guard. And most companies will want you to have at least a UID#. However, some companies will hire you with just your S&S Security Training certificates while you are in the process of waiting for your security license to arrive.
  • Can I reschedule a missed class?
    Yes. You can reschedule any online class that you have missed from June 2020 to present. Please call or text us at (347) 989-7925 or email us at to reschedule.
  • Can I take two Annual classes on the same day.
    NO. Technically you are supposed to take 1 Annual per year. NY state prefers there to be at least a day between Annuals done in the same year. Our Annuals are $30 and are held online over Zoom. You must have a device that can stream and has a working camera. To be counted as having attended the class you must be on camera for the whole class. You can sign up for your next Annual here: You must book your class by 9pm the day before class (at the latest).
  • Where are you located?
    We are located at 281 East Burnside Ave in the Bronx. Currently we are not on site. All interactions and classes are online over Zoom or by phone. (347) 989-7925. Text or call.
  • Can I attend your school if I am not in the Bronx?
    You can attend class from anywhere that has internet access. You do not need to be in NYC or even in NY state. However if you are in a different time zone you will need to be aware that class starts at 9 am Eastern standard time and is a live class, not pre-recorded. If you are working on getting your NY security license, you will need to be in the state at some point to do your fingerprints. You can sign up for class here:
  • How do I get my fingerprints?
    You must use IdentoGo for your fingerprints. A copy of you fingerprinting receipt is required by NY State as an attachment when submitting your security license application. To get your fingerprints (including background check) you must make an appointment through IdentoGO by IDEMIA. You can call them at 877-472-6915 or visit their website, If you would like us to help you with the fingerprinting and state application process you can sign up for assistance here Just scroll down to and click Fingerprint and NYS Application Assistance.
  • Do you do job placement?
    As a NY State approved training school, we are not allowed to offer job placement. However we do have a Jobs page that site members can access that lists people looking to hire our students as well as an association with Essential Employees, LLC, an interview prep and job referral service.
  • How can I see if I have a security license?
    You can check your license status on the NYS Department of State Division of Licensing Services website by clicking this link to see if your license is in the system, before you receive your actual license. If you have a license, but it is expired, you will not see it listed.
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